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Your video will be viewable online for 6 months. Download and Save your video to your computer (Mac, PC, Android) using the link below.  After 6 months from the date of your jump, a $25 fee will apply to locate your video in our archives. If you would like to save your video to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, first use the download link below and download your video to a computer (Mac or PC), then import into iTunes and sync with your iOS device.

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Return tandem special!
After your first tandem with us, bring your friends at regular price within 6 months!!

- 1 friend, get your 2nd tandem at $99.00
- 3 friends, get your 2nd tandem at $59.00
- 5 friends, get your 2nd tandem FREE

* You must bring 1st tandem jump certificate.
** Your friends must be 1st time jumpers.
*** Not good with any other specials or promotions.

Video Streaming Memo 3.21.2013

*Video streaming on mobile devices are best with 3g at maximum signal strength, 4g or WIFI connection. As of March 21, 2013, if you are a SPRINT CELLULAR CUSTOMER in the Southwest Florida area as well as several other locations, you may experience slow bandwidth rates which is a known issue of the Sprint Carrier and not our servers.  The slow bandwidth rates may cause your video to become intermittent and worse case scenario un-viewable on your mobile device. We currently support streaming on Android installed devices as well as Apple IOS 5+.




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